Meeting Dates


March 5: Evening with Pam Holland
March 15: In Stitches
March 24: Club meeting
March 25: Pauline Cave Scrappy Class
March—23-25 Wine Country Exhibition (this will be their last!)

April 15—Club Sewing Day
April 18: In Stitches
April 28: Club meeting

May 4-6: Silverstream Club Retreat
May 12: Tote and Gloat. Guest Speaker Lynette Anderson
May 16: In Stitches
May 26: Club meeting—AGM.

June 20: In Stitches
June 30: Club meeting Lisa Walton

July 8—Club Sewing Day
July 18: In Stitches
July 13—15: Home of Compassion retreat (see page 9)
July 21: Coast to Coast, Kapiti Community Church
July 28: Club meeting Handing in quilts for Exhibition

August 11 & 12: Club Exhibition
August 15: In Stitches
August 25: Club meeting

September 14-16 :Silverstream Club retreat
September 19: In Stitches
September 29: Club meeting - note change of date to 29 September

October 14—Club Sewing Day
October 17: In Stitches
October 27: Club meeting

November 21: In Stitches
November 24: Club meeting


October 1—6 Auckland Quilt Symposium


Club meetings are at 1:30pm until 3:30pm on the last Saturday of the month at Waterloo School Hall, Hardy Street, Waterloo, Lower Hutt (near Waterloo Station). Visitors are most welcome, and are asked to pay $3. An invitation to join the Club is extended after 2 visits.

The Club AGM is held in May each year.

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