Patterns for Charity Sewing and Knitting

Many of our members enjoy making quilts for the newborns in the Neonatal ward at Wellington Hospital and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at Hutt Hospital.  Some members also enjoy knitting woollen singlets for the babies. Please see the specifications for each of these items below.

1.  Quilts for Wellington Hospital

Wellington Hospital Foundation accepts quilts for the neonatal unit and single bed sized quilts for use in different areas around the hospital. The palliative care team use single bed sized quilts to brighten the beds of terminally ill patients.  

The instructions for the neonatal quilts are here.  



       Measurements;    Width = ®  Length = ­

Our linen and blankets are can be changed up to twice a day. For laundering purposes it is important that stitching is secure, edges are either overlocked or small zig zag stitch and  no loose ends.

1)   Standard Incubator and Nursery Cot – pillow case style
·       Materials -  Flannelette or 100% cotton
·       Measurements -    Finished size  17” long  x  29” wide
·       Instruction -   cut fabric x 2  as above, adding ½ inch for seam allowances.  Finish 13” open end with 2 inch double turn over on both pieces. Join together down remaining 3 sides overlock or zig zag to prevent fraying.

2)   INCUBATOR TOP COVERS;    2 sizes
·       Materials;  100% cotton for top side
   Darker fabric for bottom side
·       Measurements – finished size 53” wide x 39” long (Giraffe)
                                          51” wide x 33” long  (Standard)
·       Instruction;  cut fabric adding ½ inch for  seam allowances. With right sides together stitch around 3 sides, turn   right side out and finish off open edge.  To secure layers stitch several rows across entire length of cover or quilt.

3)   MATS;  various sizes
·       Materials -  100% cotton top and bottom
    Lightweight batting only  
             ·         Measurements -  finished size  15” wide x 9” long
                                                            20” wide x 15” long
                                 25” wide x 20” long
·       Instruction – cut fabric x 2  adding either a ¼ inch or ½  half  inch for seam allowance.  With right sides together, and batting on top layer stitch around 3 edges, turn right side out, finish off open edge.
To secure layers – sew 2 inches from edge all around.  (PLEASE DO NOT QUILT or OVER STITCH  as centre needs to be flat)

                    QUILT TOPS:
It is very important the measurements for the tops are not smaller or larger than below.  We practice  and encourage safe sleeping so quilt tops must have adequate tuck in help minimize coming loose.

4)   QUILTS – Nursery cot
·       Materials -  100% cotton top or flannelette
    Calico or flannelette for backing
      Lightweight batting only –
·       Measurements -  finished size 27” long x 27” wide                                                        
·       Instruction
o   if using a solid piece of fabric please add an extra  ¼ or ½ inch for seam allowance.  With right sides together, sew around 3 edges, overlock or zigzag, turn right side out, finish off open edge. To secure layers – sew  several rows through all layers, or quilt.
o   If using a quilt block  pattern please ensure the finished size is either as above or no more than 2 inches larger.

4a)    QUILTS - Paediatric Cot 
·       Materials -  100% cotton top or flannelette
                Calico or flannelette for backing
                Lightweight batting only –
·       Measurements -    Finished size 48” long  x 28” wide
·       Instruction -   as for Nursery cot

·       HOME CARE COMMUNITY NURSING: This is the NICU equivalent of Plunket.  Our Home Care nurses visit families as regularly as needed once home until they are handed over to Plunket.  The NICU often has families who are not as fortunate as some and we like to be able to give them clothing, bed linen etc. Packs of woolen singlets, cardigans, hats and booties and quilt tops are put together and families are extremely grateful for these.  So for the team quilt tops are of particular need.

5)        CHRISTMAS – all of the above in Christmas fabric

2. Hutt Hospital SCBU


The Hutt Hospital's requirements are listed here, and repeated below.  

Hutt Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit looks after premature or ill newborn babies. They welcome donations of handmade quilts for the SCBU’s 12 cots.

Handmade quilts are used inside the cots and also draped over the incubator, to keep out light and noise. Parents are encouraged to take the quilts home with them at the end of their stay - and that means the SCBU can go through quite a lot of quilts! 

The quilts are a special keepsake for parents and they help the hospital to support families whose babies need special care. 
Size -   60x65cm (inside cots) or 100x135cm (over incubators) 
Materials - Natural fabrics are best, such as cotton - no polar fleece please
Please don’t attach any buttons or bits that could easily come off 
Be creative with your pattern choice.  It would be great to see some unisex colours and designs.  Please also wash and dry the quilts before bringing them to Capital Quilters for delivery.

3. Knitted Singlets

You can find full instructions for the 100% woollen knitted singlets on this page

Please do stick to these instructions.

Completed singlets and quilts can be bought to guild meetings and we will arrange delivery to the hospital.

Thank you.

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