Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Donna Ward class

Last weekend Donna Ward came to teach two classes for us.  On Saturday she taught machine quilting, and on Sunday she taught English Paper Piecing.  This is just one of the beautiful quilts Donna bought along to inspire the class members. 

And here are some smaller samples:

The class covered fussy cutting:

and glue basting:

Here's what the group achieved over the course of a lovely relaxed day:

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Block of the Month

We love to see Block of the Month quilts at our Show and Tell. 

Wendy won these blocks in April last year, and one year later she's turned them into this lovely quilt. 

Some close ups:

Each month our members are given a pattern for a block, and each block they bring back equals one entry in the draw to win them all.

Here's another example of a block of the month being turned into a finished quilt.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

QUILTED by CAPITAL QUILTERS - our exhibition

Hutt Exhibition Centre, Lower Hutt, 11-12 August 2018

President’s Challenge - A Capital Day (maximum size 1m x 1m)
Churn It Up Challenge (maximum 2.4m square)
Small Bed Quilt made by one person (under 1.6m wide)
Large Bed Quilt made by one person (over 1.6m wide, maximum 2.4m square)
Group Quilt made by 2 or more people (maximum 2.4m square)
Wall Quilt made by one person (maximum size 1.5m x 1.5m)
Textile Art piece (maximum 1m x 1m x1m)

Conditions of Entry
 This year there will be an online entry form available for members. We will also have options available to those who cannot enter online.  By May we will have some helpful directions available to you to assist in entering your quilt in this exhibition. The information that is entered into the online entry form will be used for labeling your quilt for display so it is essential that the information is entered correctly.
  1. Entry is only open to financial members of Capital Quilters as at 28 July 2018.  Only financial members of Capital Quilters are eligible for prizes.

  1. All entries must have been completed since January 2016.

  1. Quilts must have
      10cm deep hanging sleeve attached to the back (top).
      Label on the lower back (RHS when viewed from back) with the quilter’s name and quilt title with a piece of fabric pinned over the top of the label to cover label during judging.
      A named bag.
      Hanging rod labelled with name of quilt and quilter.

  1. The exhibition committee and judges reserve the right to change the category in which any item is entered if it is deemed necessary.

  1. Insurance is the responsibility of the quilt owner.

  1. Every submitter is to rank their entries in order of preference for hanging.  If exhibition space is limited lower ranked items may not be hung (last resort only).

  1. President’s Challenge - A Capital Day - Make a fabric item that reflects the theme ‘A Capital Day’.  The item can be 3D but must be able to be hung for display. It can be made by more than one person. All makers must be named on the entry form. You can create an original design or use a pattern designed by someone else. If the design is not original, you must acknowledge the designer on the entry form. Quilting can be done by hand or machine.

  1. Churn It Up Challenge - You must make a quilt (ie three layers secured by stitching) which features a pieced Churn Dash block. The quilt can be 3D but must be able to be hung for display. It can be made by more than one person. All makers must be named on the entry form. You can create an original design or use a pattern designed by someone else. If the design is not original, you must acknowledge the designer on the entry form. Quilting can be done by hand or machine.

  1. Group quilt is a quilt made by two or more people. This category includes any quilts which have been commercially quilted, quilted by someone other than the maker, quilts made by more than one person or group quilts like Block of the Month.

  1. Textile Art piece can be any item made with fabric, for example decoupage, bags and dolls.

  1. Quilt Design. You will be asked to reference your quilt design. It can be an original design, from a pattern or kitset or Block of the Month or inspired by a photo or quilt. It is important that you correctly answer this question.

  1. Quilt story. You will be asked to supply a brief explanation (maximum of 75 words) of your inspiration for the quilt and any other interesting details e.g. who it was made for. We suggest you have this in a document ready to paste into your online entry.

  1. There will be an option to select for display only - this means that you do not wish to have your item judged, and it will not be eligible to win any prizes.

  1. Delivery of quilts.  Entries to be delivered to July Guild Meeting at Waterloo School Hall, Lower Hutt on Saturday 28 July 2018 between 1pm to 4pm.

  1. All quilts for sale at the exhibition will incur 10% commission when sold which will be paid to Capital Quilters. NOTE: The price stated will include the commission.

If you have any questions, please contact ;
Anne Read or Helen Malanchak 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

WOW - Our February meeting

The guest speaker at our February meeting was Fifi Closton, award winning wearable art designer. 

Fifi spoke about how she came to first enter WOW with a group of friends, in 1995.  She has entered many more times since then, and was thrilled and honoured to win the Weta Workshop Other Worlds Section with "The Organ Farmer" in 2017.

Fifi explained the many different techniques she uses to make her costumes.  She usually makes a sample on a Barbie doll first.  We were fortunate to be able to hold and study some of the Barbie dolls.

Morphology 2015 WOW

Fifi also told us how she uses plastic moulding to create some of the elements in her designs.

Fifi also writes and illustrates children's books, and is involved in many other creative activities.  You can read more about her, and see her other entries in WOW, on her web page here - www.fificolston.blogspot.co.nz

We had some previous Blocks of the Month on show at Show and Tell:

The winner of this month's block of the month was Heather Day:

Congratulations Heather.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

2017 Christmas Party

Our November meeting was our last meeting of the year.  We enjoyed a shared lunch, and then some light-hearted entertainment. 

The Block of the Month was a Trip Around the World.  Don't the blocks look great together? Each person made a quarter of the diamond shape.  This is 32 blocks on the wall.

The winner was Irene Anderton.  Congratulations Irene.

Our next Block of the Month is wool felt applique leaves.  Here's an example.

Enjoy the Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you again on Saturday 26 January 2018.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Block of the Month

We have some great block of the month designs at Capital Quilters. 

September 2017

The blocks always look so colourful up on the wall, and the winners are always delighted to take them all away.

October 2017

Members are encouraged to bring back their finished quilts and show us how they've used the blocks. 

Block of the Month on the wall

A finished quilt

And because we've just had Halloween, here's tow Halloween quilts members shared recently.

pattern by Libs Elliott

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Christchurch Quilt Symposium 2017

Capital Quilters was very well represented at our national five day Quilt Symposium in Christchurch.  Our members had quilts in the juried exhibitions, and enjoyed attending classes with national and international tutors. Some of our members were even tutors themselves.

The Opening Ceremony and prize giving was held at the Cardboard Cathedral (above).  It was a thrill to see Capital Quilters winning awards for their quilts.  Congratulations to all of the following winners.

Winner of Power of Two category - more than one maker:

Merit in Power of Two:

Winner of Traditional Quilt:

this photo makes it look blue, but it isn't

Jeanie O'Sullivan also won Viewers' Choice for her quilt above, Ties that Bind:

Winner of Contemporary:

Winner of Best Use of Quilting: 

Yes - it's hand quilted!!!

 Winner Modern:

You can see a full list of winners on the Quilt Symposium website here.

Friday, 8 September 2017

August club meeting

The winner of our August Block of the Month was Janet Evans, our new President, and the blocks couldn't have gone to a better person.  Janet loves pink, and she looked just right standing beside them all.


We had some lovely quilts for Show and Tell, including this one by Cathy Linney, made from a block of the month pattern she would have loved to have won. Unfortunately Cathy didn't win them, so she went home and made her own blocks.

Here are the blocks Cathy would have liked to have won, back in October 2015.

Wendy Welsh bought her la passacaglia along to show us her finished quilt.  Here it is hanging beside Anne Read's beautiful Cotton + Steel quilt, and a fraction of Cherie Gurney's Tula Pink 100 blocks quilt.

Here are some of our faithful committee members who handle membership, name tags and the finances, surrounded by all the beautiful show and tell quilts.