Thursday, 31 May 2018

Exhibition entries are now open

Members can now enter their quilts into our club exhibition by going to this page -  (Just click on the website name to be taken there.)

Please make sure you have all your information ready, because once you start you will need to complete the process.  You need to know: 
- Quilt name
- Size (width and length)
- Story
- Design sources
- a digital photo of the whole quilt (if possible)
and for non challenge quilts, your hanging preference

The questions you will be asked on the online form are dependent on your answers to previous questions.  

Please check your spelling as we hope to use this information on display tags at the exhibition.

You will be required to bring your quilt along to club day on Saturday 28th July between 1-3:30pm for hand in. 

Once you have completed your entry you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have any questions contact Anne on . 

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