Tuesday, 27 February 2018

WOW - Our February meeting

The guest speaker at our February meeting was Fifi Closton, award winning wearable art designer. 

Fifi spoke about how she came to first enter WOW with a group of friends, in 1995.  She has entered many more times since then, and was thrilled and honoured to win the Weta Workshop Other Worlds Section with "The Organ Farmer" in 2017.

Fifi explained the many different techniques she uses to make her costumes.  She usually makes a sample on a Barbie doll first.  We were fortunate to be able to hold and study some of the Barbie dolls.

Morphology 2015 WOW

Fifi also told us how she uses plastic moulding to create some of the elements in her designs.

Fifi also writes and illustrates children's books, and is involved in many other creative activities.  You can read more about her, and see her other entries in WOW, on her web page here - www.fificolston.blogspot.co.nz

We had some previous Blocks of the Month on show at Show and Tell:

The winner of this month's block of the month was Heather Day:

Congratulations Heather.

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