Friday, 20 November 2015

Scrappy Bear Paw Quilts

Is your scrappy bear paw quilt almost ready to display at our Christmas meeting on 28 November?

by Wendy Welsh 

Some of our members have been working on scrappy bear paw quilts to celebrate our guild's 30th anniversary. The Bear Paw block was chosen as our guild's logo 30 years ago because of its meaning as the Hand of Friendship.

Squid Ink and Sorbet Quilt top
by Adrianne Reid

Some examples were shown at the first meeting of the year, and patterns were made available.  Members have been busy choosing their own fabrics and styles, and we're looking forward to seeing a wide variety of quilts at the December meeting.  We will hang them all around the hall and take lots of photos.

by Sheila Christensen
If you would like to make your own scrappy bear paw quilt, you can find the instructions for this oversized block here!

by Pat O'Grady

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