Monday, 9 November 2015

What is Block of the Month anyway?

We love to share the blocks that members make from our Block of the Month patterns, but have you ever wondered exactly how it works?

The Quilters' Pantry block from earlier this year.

Each month, members receive a Block of the Month pattern designed by a guild member.  Previously, Jeanie O'Sullivan did a fantastic job of designing blocks our members loved to make, and at the moment, Adrianne from On the Windy Side is designing the blocks.  The pattern includes all the instructions members need to sew the block, and a description of the colours to use.

Trip Around a Warm Planet - another block from earlier this year.

We have printed patterns available at the meeting, and then a pdf version is sent around to members shortly after the meeting for those unable to attend in person.

Members have until the next meeting to make the block.  Participation is totally optional, and members are welcome to take a pattern even if they're not sure whether they will have time to make the block for the next meeting.

This was is called Networking and is made using applique rather than curved piecing.

All members who made a block bring them to the next meeting, and hand them in for display during the meeting.  Each member who made a block writes their name down on a list, once for each block made (often members who really want to win will make multiple blocks to increase their chances - very clever thinking!).

La Cabane Francaise - a quarter log cabin block made using French General colours.

Towards the end of the meeting, a member's name is drawn from the list, and that member will win all the blocks.  Sometimes if we have a large number of blocks, we will split them into two or more lots - the idea is to leave the winner with enough blocks to make a decent size quilt with.  Members are welcome to do whatever they like with the blocks - make them into a quilt for themselves, create a charity quilt, add them to the WIP pile...

Christmas in Ohio - our upcoming Block of the Month

Members also receive the pattern for the next Block of the Month, and the cycle continues!

Does your guild do a block of the month programme?  Does it work in the same way as ours does?  What do you like best about it and what do you find most challenging?


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